Everlasting Elegance.
Eternal Class.

Founded in 2019 by Maria Viotto, Tiara Beauty Co has quickly amassed a cult following. Inspired by Maria's love for antique classical jewelry mixed with modern minimalism, her designs make the wearer look elegant in any dress for any occasion.

Graceful designs as well as minimal simplicity is effortlessly achieved with the delicate adornments, each personally created by Maria. With a focus on class and sophistication, Maria has created a timeless brand, with designs that exude grace.

Tiara Beauty Co - About Us

Designs that stand the test of time. A brand that exudes elegance and class. Making every occasion as memorable as the last.


Tiara Beauty Co - The Tiara Beauty Co Difference

Giving Back.

Tiara Beauty Co believes in giving back by helping marginalized communities stand on their feet. We believe that education is the most powerful means to uplifting a community and we regularly donate to non-profit organizations like The Citizen's Foundation that are dedicated to providing quality education to girls in South Asia.

Ethically Sourced.

Our team of professionals are committed to making our entire production process ethical and non-exploitive. From raw material and manufacturing to packaging and shipping - our team goes above and beyond to make sure none of our products harm or take advantage of any oppressed communities or children.

Made for YOU.

One of Maria's goals in starting Tiara Beauty Co was to make products that are completely hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free of nickel and other harmful metals or chemicals. Maria is obsessed with giving customers the higher quality experience they deserve, and her attention to using premium and safe materials really makes our products stand out from the rest.  


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